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Default Re: Flacco vs Big Baby Ben


Don't compare your loser quarterback to Tom Brady or use one game (which Tom won) to try to claim some sort of quarterback superiority. Any honest football fan knows Brady and your mediocre QB aren't even in the same hemisphere so far as skill is concerned.
Let's see how your boy does without a defense or a running game.

Guessing he won't go to the Superbowl... like Brady did.

Tom's a Hall of Famer and has been for some time. The best Flacco can hope for when the curtain calls is a spot on a weekly sports show on local television.

Talking about Brady and Flacco is like comparing apples and cinder blocks.
If under some freak circumstances we were to sign Flacco in New England it would be as a third string bench warmer or Tom's personal gatorade boy.

Oh, and did I mention New England closed your window of opportunity? Forever?

For you.
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