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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
What's his medical diagnosis? What is the cause? If you don't know, why attack? Ignorant assumptions aren't lawyerly. If you have the facts of the case and feel that Edwards' claim lacks merit, spell it out for the class using those facts.
My point is that suddenly hundreds of NFL players simultaneously realize they have incurred physical damages due to concussions?

Since Edwards played a hell of a lot longer at UGA (and for that matter his high school) than he did in the NFL why not add those institutions as party-defendants?
Perish the thought this might be a money grab against a wealthy pro sports league if this solicitation is an example of how these cases are being developed

Are you a former NFL player? You may be entitled to compensation.

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That sure reads like an attorney who is looking for a solid case before filing suit

And thanks for calling me ignorant - I note I am not the first poster you have elected to attack personally if they disagree with your perspective.

Stay classy.t
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