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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Maybe they just learned that the league hid actual knowledge of the danger as is alleged. The issue is intentional misrepresentions. What's is hard about this? Sure, maybe it isn't true but don't pretend these cases are some sort of strict liability claim. We get enough of that bs from laymen. If you are a lawyer, you should understand that no on outside ever knows what the litigants know. To judge the case in either direction is garbage without those facts. And that you are ignorant of those facts is itself a fact, not being a part of either litigation team. (Note: If you are a part of the litigation then you aren't ignorant on the facts but need to turn in your license)
Not that i care to go through your prior posts to quote them to you but spare me the sanctimony about pre-judging the cases - your posts pretty clearly indicate what side you come down on, going back to the posts after Junior Seau killed himself

I admit to not regarding lawyers who troll for clients on the internet with 1-800 numbers and "free consultations" to protect "rights" as being on an altrustic search for truth and justice. Just because it pays the bills and is not a crime doesn't make it admirable.
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