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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Default Re: Junior Seau dead?
Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Agree with TRH that while it could be CTE it could also be that Seau had a history of severe depression unrelated to CTE or for all we know might have financial problems or a severe drug habit (2 other not uncommon occurences among retired professional athletes) - if anyone tossed out that Seau's suicide could be due to drugs, money problems or untreated depression with no facts to back it up they justifiably would be blasted.

For the doctor i quoted to throw out speculation as to causation while admitting he did not have a clue about Seau's personal condition was extraordinarily
unprofessional unless the goal was to contend everytime a pro foootball player takes his own life it must be presumned to be CTE relatied unless proven definitively to the contrary.

NFL induced CTE is a major problem but the talking heads attributing a suicide to CTE with no proof to support it is not a proper means of advancing the goal of having CTE among pro football players being taken more seriously

No one has said that's what it was. But to say that's the first thing that needs to be ruled out is being responsible. To say it's untreated depression gets you nowhere. The cause of the depression is what matters. Especially if the cause is preventable.

This one? Looks to me, Dan, that you were taking a position without actual evidence either way and I was saying, "Let's get the evidence"

All generalizations are dangerous.
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