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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The merits of the case or the merits of whom the NFL has used in the past?

IMO the NFL and the players both have known it is a dangerous game and neither side is pretending to be running a teaching hospital - the NFL is not going to knowingly make the same mistakes as Big Tobacco but tobacco is still with us a half century after the Surgeon General's report rather than being a controlled substance. So you can write a big check and still be in business under the right circumstances

My bet is you end up with a CBA section 88 on steroids that is funded to pay any player with some demonstrated cognitive impairment regardless of causation - kind of like the way the federal black lung program ended up paying lots of miners who may have had respiratory impairment as well as a pack a day cigarette habit but were not proven to have coal workers pneumoconiosis that the statute was intended to compensate
Why do you not think Pellman's studies are An example of the NFL repeating tobaccos strategies?

All generalizations are dangerous.
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