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Default Re: T.O. Thriving.......

This drama will not end well

Terrell Owens gets hammered on Dr. Phil
Terrell Owens was on the Dr. Phil show Tuesday afternoon, along with three women who say the former NFL star is behind on child-support payments...

[Dr. Phil] also read an introduction Owens wrote for a children's book, which began: "To my children, may my life serve as an example to you."...

Owens said he had four children with four different women.

"No, it wasn't a plan," he told Dr. Phil. "I was irresponsible in that regard."...

While the credits roll the cameras focus on Owens, off the stage, getting together with his two daughters. He asks them: "Have you been to Magic Mountain? Maybe I can take you guys to Magic Mountain. You can ride the roller coaster."
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