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Default Re: Jonathan Vilma sues Roger Goodell

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
this is a very well run PR campaign by the league
the way the League is run these days, that's all it is... a PR-machine

build a stadium with an over-head monitor too-low (by NFL specs) that may interfere with a ball-in-play??? ~ tell the masses to marvel at the other amenities the facility has to offer

have the Super Bowl at a stadium (same-place), where tickets are sold to fans for seats that don't exist??? ~ throw more confetti, and the networks won't mention it

former Commissioner Pete Rozelle came from a PR-background, yet he nutured the game's popularity based-on the game-itself, but Ms. Goodell has taken the 'hype' to new levels

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Vilma can thank the NFLPA for this
what amazes me is that the 1800+ member NFLPA hasn't gone-after Vilma and the other Saints players involved, for trying to injure & ruin the careers of it's due-paying brethren
if a team-owner had verbally mentioned 'getting' an opposing player, the NFLPA would've screamed like a mashed-cat, but because it is THEIR members who were doing the dirty-deeds, they are silent

hence, I root for the meteor
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