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Default Re: The Official "Criticize Obama from the Left" Thread

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Not exactly

One player from that 2008\ season is mo longer a big fan of his old team

Whar was Steelers-Ravens for me in 2008 is a lot closer to a Pats-Ravens match-up today

Some of us thought the days of the unitary executive doing what Zeus deemed best were going to wind down - guess again
Exactly. The fellow who wrote the article I posted, Alexander Cockburn, has long viewed the role of the Democrats as pushing issues that Republicans cannot push any further for electoral reasons... in this case the Unitary Presidency. He predicts - and I can't reasonably disagree with him - that privatizing Social Security and completely militarizing the borders are responsibilities that will ultimately fall to the Democrats. Obama does not strike me as someone fundamentally opposed to either action.
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