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Default Re: Name the Best/Worst NFL Analysts

I actually like Collinsworth. He heaps tons of praise our way, but dishes it out, too, when we deserve it and tells it like it is (we need more of that instead of all the a**-kissing that goes on nowadays).
I also love Jon Gruden. You can't even leave the room when he's talking.
I like listening to Herm Edwards.
Phil Simms : while he certainly roots against the Steelers, there's no denying he's interesting in the booth

The worst?

Eric Mangini : Horrible. He is an apologist for EVERYONE....he can't and won't criticize ANYthing. I almost wonder if its an attempt to get on everyone's good side to get a job with another team again. I put him at or near the top of the "garbage".
Warren Sapp : I have no idea why he still has a job. Talks with a mouthful of marbles and its nothing but trouble and problems when he's not on the job as well.
Michael Irvin : no comment even needed
Dan Dierdorf : another "sport apologist" who doesn't dare criticize one of his own, offering excuse after excuse after excuse for everything
Chris Berman : his tired old act stopped being interesting, what...about 15 years ago?

Although i don't consider him one of the worst, i'm surprisingly not a big fan of Merril Hoge doing analysis.
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