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Default Re: Name the Best/Worst NFL Analysts

Best: Al Michaels. Love his play by play. Just has that voice.
Gruden: I like him. Has good insights.
Worst: Jim Nantz: Can't stand him or Simms, they both seem to slobber over the Patriots, and it seems we get their games a lot.
Simms: He's not dumb but as I said, it annoys me greatly that he and Nantz seem to slobber on the Patriots and ignore their faults.
Best: Mike Mayock: Seems to know what he's talking about. I like him as a draftnik more than Kiper because I think Kiper lets his Baltimore fandom influence him a little too much. Mayock is better because he's more impartial plus he's a former player so he has that personal insight.
Dan Marino: Always liked Dan as a player and I like him as an analyst too
Bill Cowher: Nuff said
Worst: Chris Berman: This isn't my joke but one I saw on another sports forum but anyhow "I liked Chris Berman but then I turned 12." Says it all about him really. He's just obnoxious. I find Eisen annoying for similiar reasons.
Deion Sanders: I find him patronizing honestly. I mean it's cool that he's mentoring younger players but his calling out younger players who make smaller mistakes than he did seems pot calling kettle black to me.
Boomer Esiason: Just seems to have a grudge against the Steelers. He's gotten better I guess
Sapp: Old, slow, and yeah that's why you don't make predictions after game one.

I used to dislike Collingsworth honestly but he could be worse. Still feels weird having him on Madden with Gus Johnson whom I've never actually seen call a NFL game and who is too obnoxious at least in the game for my liking.
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