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Default Re: Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse trial

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Probably about the same place it is for heterosexual child rape
Its a murky world with blurry boundaries, ergo the question.

"According to a (Mayo) study of 2429 adult male pedophile sex offenders in the U.S., only 7% identified themselves as “exclusive.” This suggests that the majority of pedophiles, or at a minimum pedophiles prone to acting on their urges, are attracted sexually to both children and adults."

HALL, MD, RYAN C. W.; AND RICHARD C. W. HALL, MD, PA.. “A Profile of Pedophilia: Definition, Characteristics of Offenders, Recidivism, Treatment Outcomes, and Forensic Issues“ (PDF). MAYO CLIN PROC 82:457-471 2007. MAYO FOUNDATION FOR MEDICAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH.

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