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Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
Hanging your hat on that one game forever, eh?
The fact is the Patriots have routinely smoked your black and yellow candy asses for the last decade, often winning with 35 or so points on the board at least.

lol @ Anthony Smith's guarantee.
Funny how you say we're hanging our hats on "one game forever" (albeit the most RECENT one), yet you refer to games that are further in the past and during your cheating years which is the last time you won anything of any real significance.

You only continue winning now because you somehow manage to get the easiest schedule in the league every year and get to beat up on the likes of a catastrophic mess in Miami, a hapless arctic wasteland in Buffalo, and a completely dysfunctional locker room full of blowhards in New York each twice a year.

And since you want to bring up loudmouthed idiots who don't contribute to your team and barely played for you, how did Chad Ochostinko work out? Did he wear his gold Hall of Fame jacket on your Patties' sidelines with that clueless look on his face?

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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