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Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
Every time a Steelers fan claims the Patriots "cheated" their way to all their victories I cannot help but lose respect for you as a fanbase. You sound like desperate, insecure little babies. You act like the Patriots were the only team in the NFL looking at opposing teams signals, eyeing them down with binoculars, trying to read each others lips during games, etc.

Just get over it. It just sounds pathetic. You got dethroned and that's how you justify it to yourselves. It's old and it's pathetic.

The fact is the Patriots ARE, REMAIN, and HAVE BEEN FOR SOME TIME the team to beat in the AFC. You can say that isn't the case until you're blue in the face. It changes nothing in the world of REALITY. The Patriots are the team to beat in the AFC.

Believe me, while Patriot/Steelers games are always big games, I guaran-damn-tee you get more nervous about them in Pittsburgh than we do here in Massachusetts.

One game here and one game there aside, we got your $&#^ing number.

We are an elite football team each and every season. Even when we're rebuilding we're still contending for a Superbowl spot.

We rule the AFC.

Like it or not.

Accept it or not.
#1) I haven't lost any respect for the Patriots or their fanbase because I never had any for them to begin with.

#2) Yeah, I'm sure if the Steelers had been caught red-handed filming opposing teams' signals during a stretch of great success winning several Super Bowls you bitches wouldn't say a word.

#3) The fact is the Pats* DID cheat, they were caught, and Bobby Kraft's buddy Roger Goodell helped to cover it up. You can't possibly say with any credibility that the videotaping had nothing to do with their success. If it didn't, why waste the time doing something AGAINST THE RULES if it could only hurt, not help, you? That's called "logic" by the way. Try it out sometime.

#4) The team to beat in the AFC? Tell me again, how many Super Bowls have you won since Spygate? That's right... say it with me.... ZERO!

#5) Your wrong about us being more nervous. We relish the opportunity to bash your team's pansy skulls in on a level playing field. You know, just like we did last year.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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