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Default Re: Flacco vs Big Baby Ben

Ruling the AFC? Keep on smoking on whatever you're smoking, Cheech. Before last season the Patriots hadn't won a playoff game since 2007. That sounds like domination to me. Haha! As for the cheating; I find it hard to believe that every team was Cheating. That's just a Cheatriots' fan's excuse everytime and that shit is getting old. The Pats won 3 Superbowls by a total of 3 points each and you don't think stealing signals and filming walkthroughs made a 3 point difference. Face it, your team's rings have astricks next to them in every fan's mind because you cheated and that's the reason everyone outside Boston/foxboro hates your team. Trust me it's not jealousy. Also don't you find it strange that if "every team was doing it", why were the Pats the only team ever to get busted for it in the history of the NFL. It's because they were the only ones doing it!
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