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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

I don't believe his point that "soccer" will eventually become a big time sport here. There's an extremely, extremely small niche for it (no matter how many grade school kids play...), but thats it. The honest truth is that American's just don't care for Soccer and thats just the way it is.

As for football changing away from a contact sport......i hate to say it.....but i agree with him. I don't think you'll recognize this sport 25 years from now.
I believe in our lifetime, we will see at least the QB, not allowed to be touched/contacted. No question we will see that happen.
And likely, we will see the sport fade to what may be some type of "two-hand-touch" football of some sort or flags, or something. To think otherwise, you are in complete denial. It's coming.
I've even heard talk of no more offensive and defensive lines. Who knows? That kind of stuff...i agree with Terry on....there will be BIG changes to the game, unfortunately.

And don't laugh "hockey". You'll be the next sport impacted with this stuff.
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