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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
Forgive me for not reading this entire thread, but is it safe to assume that I'm the only one on the forum not rooting for LeBron to fail?

I, or alot of people are not particularly rooting for LeBron to fail.....but for OKC to win. Durant is what a superstar should be, an engaging, humble, great opposed to supreme arrogance and "self-proclaimed" kings who treated staff in Cleveland (and probably does in Miami too) like garbage and lowlifes. I've heard many horror stories about this and i have a friend in the media in Cleveland who said it was embarrassing how LeBron treated the Cavalier staff, trainers, caterers, etc like peasants from the 16 century.
The main reason i don't want Miami to win though is to prove that you can't just "purchase" a they tried to do last year...instead of building a great team through drafts and trades.
Dallas was incredible last year for not letting that happen.
I still think OKC can win this. If they didn't have that dreadful first half of the 1st quarter...then they win last night and we're having a different conversation today. I'm sure the focus with the team over the next day or two will be to make sure they don't get off to a horrendous start again.
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