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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

The NBA is not the NFL. You can buy championships, and it's been done numerous times. Sorry to break that to both of you. The Lakers had one home grown star and then brought in the rest. Same with Boston. And, apparently many are forgetting...same with Miami. I like Miami precisely for the fact that it's an interesting experiment in team building. Pat Riley has done a tremendous job in building a complete team behind his three stars.

Besides, it's not like the Heat don't have significant homegrown talent, even outside of Wade. What about Mario Chalmers? What about Udonis Haslem? Joel Anthony? Norris Cole? Dexter Pittman? Other than Shane Battier and Mike Miller (and once in a blue moon James Jones), the supplementary players are far from 'bought'. The Heat didn't have the luxury of being terrible for so long that they were able to draft early enough to get players like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

OKC got Sefolosha from Chicago. Perkins from Boston. Fisher from LA by way of Houston. Nazr Mohamed has been all over the place.

Also, LeBron James is the most overscrutinized human being on this entire planet. Let me know when he actually commits a crime or something. Choke artist, blah blah blah. Review the tapes from the run-up to the finals the past two seasons against Chicago, Indiana, and Boston twice.
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