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Default Re: Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse trial

I already had this debate, and I really don't feel like getting into again. But against my better judgment, I want to make one point.

Originally Posted by hicksfan View Post
if anyone would like to assume mr vincent's assertion of homosexuality's inherent immorality, since he chose to bow out of the conversation with me, i am still all ears as to the rationalization as he never attempted to answer (typical).

if anyone agrees with his assertion pedophilia will be normalized in 5 years, i have a tin foil hat for you. you've earned it.
The way most Americans view homosexuality today isn't the way it used to be viewed. There was a time in our society when homosexuality was viewed no differently than pedophilia. I'm not suggesting a link between the two. I'm just saying that both were viewed as disgusting, immoral, and just wrong by the standards of our society. Homosexuality is now viewed as "normal" by most Americans because we've become desensitized to it.

Nothing about the act itself changed. What changed is how we view it. And that change didn't happen overnight, or in 5 years. It took years and years of groups pushing for it to be normalized and for us to become desensitized to it. And now most of us accept it as normal. Fifty years ago, if any of us would have suggested that by 2012, homosexuality would largely be viewed as normal, we would have been called crazy.

As Vincent has pointed out, there are already groups who are pushing for the normalization of pedophilia, just as there were groups pushing for the normalization of homosexuality. And if you don't think that underage children are already starting to be sexualized in our society and that to some degree we're already starting to become desensitized to it, then you haven't been paying attention. Right now, it's impossible for any of us to accept the idea of pedophilia being viewed as "normal." But it has been viewed as normal in other societies. And there was a time when no one would have thought it possible for homosexuality to be viewed as normal.
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