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Default Re: Expansion teams in Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
I have been noticing how Pittsburgh is becoming a little more mainstream in the sense that they are filming more and more films in Pittsburgh. Steelers are still a blue collar city but I think for it to get back to being a mainstream city in America, they would have to turn it's city into a Chicago style city. More modern culture and current attractions. The Pirates and Pens need a billionaire to buy those teams who doesnt really concern himself with the bottom line. The Steelers are in the NFL, plus the Rooney's are great business men, they are already a billion dollar business. The Pirates and Pens need a Mark Cuban type. One of my dreams is to continue to do well in business and in 20 years, buy the Pens. I might not be accepted into the good ole boy club in baseball, but I would love to own the Pens.
money isn't the problem for the Penguins, at least not any more. they have a new arena and a team stacked with stars (who are paid well).

i am not a Pirates fan (although i'd see them winning), but i do know the Indians run into the same problem year after year with having to let good players walk because of lack of money. if you could get a super rich billionaire to buy a team, you'd want it to be the Pirates because there is no salary cap. he could spend his money freely; with hockey, he'd be limited to what he could spend.
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