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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Well, once again, OKC beat themselves. Another game they should have won.....they actually could have sweeped the series.
2 guys (Westbrook and Durant) can't beat the Heat all by themselves.
Thanks James Harden - for not SHOWING up again for the 3rd straight game. And the entire team, aside from Westbrook, was playing at like 70% intensity after the 1st quarter while Miami gave 100% the entire game.
Very frustrating loss. I'm starting to question Brooks coaching....he should have been all over this. No excuse for the team to look like they were loafing out there.
Yeah, Harden hasnt done anything. I'll start a conspiracy theory that he is on the take.

OKC looks inexperienced and confused at times, not getting back in transition or getting to the glass. They have become the jump shooting team that is living or dying by the jumpshot and Harden could not hit water from a boat......because he is on the take.
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