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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

Hope OKC wins tonight. They arguably could have swept the entire argument can definitely be made that they've blown the series more than Miami has won it.
Some things that must happen tonight, and the rest of the series, to win :

-Durant has to play harder and take more shots. At times he's looked almost like he doesn't want it out there...meanwhile, Miami DOES look like they want it
-have to play zone defense...this has worked well for other teams against Miami, including Dallas last year
-Harden has to show up tonight...he's been non-existen
-hope for fair officiating tonight. As even pointed out by the commentator teams, OKC has been getting called on stuff that is borderline at best, and LeBron (as usual) is getting away with murder when attacking the rim...literally running over people and not getting called for anything
-make their free throws. They were missing like crazy while Miami seemed like they sank virtually all of theirs. This is unheard of from such a pure-shooting, money shot team like this
-and must i repeat...OKC has to come out looking like THEY WANT IT...foaming at the mouth...Westbrook looked like the only one who wanted to fight for it and the rest of the team in games 3 and 4 looked like they were loafing
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