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Default Re: Name the Best/Worst NFL Analysts

Originally Posted by VASTEELER View Post
i guess im one of the only ones that likes dierdorf. i think the old monday night crew of micheals, gifford and dierdorf were the best that ive seen. the worst hast to be aikman and buck...

Here's the problem with Dierdorf : He's a nice guy and i like the "guy". But as an analyst i can't STAND him. He's one of the sport apologists on an utterly ridiculous level. The guy won't criticize anything.
Its excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse. No player on either roster, from starters to the furthest subs, can do NO wrong.
Call out a mistake? Never.
For an example, its stuff like a QB can throw an INT, we'll say its right down the middle of the field into 3 defenders and the closest receiver is 20 yards analyst such as a Collinsworth or a Simms (or many others) will say "what a bonehead have to pay attention.....that was NOT a smart throw", etc, etc, etc., whatever.
Dierdorf will do a "well, you know, it was windy down there and i bet he got a little dust blown into his eye and i heard last week he stubbed his toe in the kitchen.......".
That might be extreme as an example, but its how Dierdorf is and thats why i can't stand him. Its almost as if he wont' call anyone "out" from the fraternity.
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