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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

If anything, the Thunder got away with more from the refs in this game. Sorry, but I'm just not buying all this complaining about the referees that has littered the internet throughout this series. There are a lot of fouls that are not called and non-fouls that are called in every game, just as in football. The Heat kicked Oklahoma City's ass tonight, period. No excuses. They were up 27 before taking their foot off the throttle and still won by 15. Referees made no difference in that.

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for a well-deserved championship victory that was the product of hard work, dedication, and even introspection. Congratulations to LeBron James for achieving the first step in his goal, and for joining the fraternity of players that won the league and championship MVP in the same season, and for averaging a double double (plus 7.4 RPG) on the biggest stage of his career.
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