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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

i cant really remember an NBA finals where the refs were less noticable. and absolutely not a part of the story or outcome.

then again, i remember rooting for the chris webber led kings to beat the lakers and swearing it was fixed the entire series.

this week the refs made the typical missed calls/bad calls that happen in every single nba game. it was par for the course and pretty even throughout.

wade was penalized for diving and sliding for a ball as if he went after someones knees and chop blocked.
fisher was given a flagrant for a simple foul on lebron charging the lane because he braced for the hit and didnt allow for himself to be steamrolled and flattened. = 2 bad calls that went each teams way.

pretty bummed my old sonics didnt win but happy for james. screw cleveland browns and their fans. the browns suck, and the cavs owner is a turd.
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