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Default Re: Miami Heat- Good Job...Good effort.

What started off looking like it might be a great series, really fizzled out quickly. Would have been much more exciting w/the series going back to Oklahoma City.......the NBA offices can't be happy it only went the 5 games. Thanks to the lackluster play by OKC in games 4 and 5, this won't be included in remembering the "best" finals.
Although Miami definitely won the series, i can't remember in recent memory a team "losing" a series as opposed to the other team winning the series as this one.
Game 1 : OKC wins
Game 2 : OKC loses the game more than Miami wins
Game 3 : OKC loses the game more than Miami wins
Game 4 : either side could make the case that OKC lost the game or that Miami won it
Game 5 : Miami wins. No question. A dreadful perfomance from OKC.

As far as the refs go, no one's changing my mind. James can do whatever he wants. He can just straight up plow people over and go right to the basket and not be called for anything.
But you know what? Thats the NBA. That all really started with Michael Jordan. Remember him taking 9 steps with the ball and that was "OK" ? And the trend will continue with whomever the next league superstar is after James is gone. Not much different than Tom Brady gets treated in the NFL. I guess thats just the way it is.

I will say this as well. As much as i like OKC....they weren't the team to beat Miami. Beyond their 3 stars, their other players and bench are substandard and it really showed when watching people like Chalmers, Miller, Cole, and Battier step up. OKC had none of that. (i'll give Fisher somewhat of a pass given his age)
Boston had a better chance of knocking them out. San Antonio would have made it a much better series, and with their defense, i think they would have won this series.
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