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Default What do you want?

So what do you want?

I'm posting this as a separate thread to resolve this. All comments are from the The Official Mike Wallace Thread. - mesa

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
I agree with you. More threads, especially in the off season attracts more members. They look at the thread title when scanning for updates and nobody wants to read thru 70 pages of posts in one thread

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Well, in all honesty, you never started a new thread about Wallace, at least not in that time-frame. Killer was probably talking about someone else who started a thread, rather than posting it in here. All articles about Wallace should go in here. I let off of it for a month or so after the draft, but once again, every thread about Wallace being published says basically the same shit, so all threads created out side of this thread, will be merged here.
So why don't you people make up your minds? Some of you mods want separate threads and others want everything in the same thread.

How "different" does an article have to be before it belongs in a different thread?

Like Hawaii I've never understood why a subject can't have multiple threads. I've always tried to group articles that are relatively similar and close in time in the same thread. However there are major problems with using the same thread for everything.

1. As pete74 points out someone has to read through a lot pages looking for updates. For those looking for updates using the same thread to post all the articles on a subject results in articles getting buried.

2. If multiple people are posting articles then it's very easy to have duplicate articles get posted. The search routines for this site do not work well and they take a lot of time to use.

3. It is impossible to tell what any one article may interest someone and it is impossible to tell where an article thread will lead. Some seeming innocuous articles I've posted have lead to hundreds of responses and others, seeming much more controversial, have led to no responses.

4. [B]No one is forcing anyone to open a thread.[/B] If a thread looks boring then simply don't open it. What is the big deal about that? Even if one individual reader is not not interested someone may be and there is no way anyone can tell in advance.

5. Personally I've gotten damn tired of endlessly searching (with the imposed 30 second delay between searches) to see if an article has been duplicated and I'm tired of trying to figure out which thread to post something to so that this mod or that mod won't get all upset.

So I repeat.

What do you want?

It doesn't matter to me. I've gotten two invitations to move on to different websites which I am considering because it's gotten to time consuming to endlessly search, with the primitive search routines of this website, to see if an article has been posted.

PS. The infantile comments of the KillerPimp doesn't bother me since I've had that victim of child sexual abuse on ignore for years.
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