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Default Re: What do you want?

Some of us mod's had decided to group all threads about Wallace into one thread because almost everyday, a new article with same song and dance was published, and a new thread was created for it. Usually these threads would die off, and there was really no reason to have the entire Steelers discussion forum filled to the brim with the 30 articles about one player. Especially if every article said the same thing.

Now. When this Wallace thing popped off early in the off-season, there would be several threads made (without any real significance) a day about Wallace and we'd merge them with the new Official thread to reduce forum clutter. This got to the point to where'd we'd merge a Wallace thread if we saw it and just leave a little expiring redirect for the threads publisher.

I appreciate that you guys are both placing articles similar to each other in the same thread. It helps GREATLY with forum clutter. That's why we're doing this. Forum clutter attracts more than just members, it attracts spammers, and i'd prefer keeping it clean. We still get a great amount of members each and every day.

Now. To clear this up (I know we've been confusing with it), i'm going to retract my previous statements that Mesa listed above. You can start posting threads about Wallace in it's own thread since things have pretty much halted. Just continue posting similar articles in the same thread like you've been doing, and there'll be no problem.

That's really the only reason we decided to bunch them together in the first place: Forum Clutter.

If we'd let one person make another Wallace thread we had fifteen members thinking the coast was clear. May have seemed hostile, but we we're just trying to keep the forum clean, fast and spam-free for your best experience. Since it's settled down significantly now, i'm holding back on any merging for now.

I hope this clears things up for you.


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