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Default Re: What do you want?

So, basically, we we're merging all news about Wallace into one thread due to forum clutter. With all of the news about Wallace pouring out each day, and much of it being all the same, a singular Wallace thread was a must. The forum would've been slowed to a halt. Now, it's not so bad. Maybe one or two Wallace threads are posted each day (of any significance, of course) and it's better for each one to have a thread of it's own.

I just wanted to let you know WHY we we're doing this, and clear things up. A lot of people seemed to disagree with the idea of keeping it all in one spot, but the majority respected it as a way to keep things running smoothly. You've all been doing a good job of posting articles in one place when necessary, and I appreciate that. That's all we ask. Just keep doing that, and if you think a thread deserves a thread of it's own, go right ahead and make one. The Wallace threads are no longer limited

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