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Default Re: Jordan Staal turns down 10 year deal from the Pens

I do not know anything about the third player (d-man) the Pens got for Staal, but from what little I know about Faulk (initially reported as the possible third player in the deal) I would have preferred him. Surely a lock top C like Staal was worth him in return, but clearly the Canes had the leverage as Staal was going to sign there next season as a FA regardless.

So it's better to get something, I guess... *sigh*


The loss of Jordan Staal is going to hurt more and more as the years pass. It's going to dwarf the loss of Max Talbot.

I think every fan, general hockey or Pens enthusiast alike, knew that it was extremely unlikely for Burgh to retain their murderers row of #1 picks from 4 consecutive years (Fluery-Geno-Crosby-Staal). Still, as inevitable as this dark day was, it sucks to see it happen with so much potential left untapped.

So much to say on the subject...

JS is only 23 and he clearly has 60+ PT potential, even as a 2nd line winger or 3rd line C for the Pens. And they did offer him a fair shake [deal].

I get that he wants to be a 'featured guy' and play with his bros. Still, why pass up the ideal situation (where the Cup is in reach every year) in Burgh playing with Crosby and Geno???

I don't think Brandon Sutter is going to cut the mustard as a replacement. Sure, he'll be a prototypical solid #3 C, probably a TyKe lite (although TyKe is already pretty lightweight) type, but the depth Staal provided (PP/PK/Extra attacker/injuries/or just plain offensive assault 'best line') is probably going prove to be difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate/replace as the years go on.

JS was my favorite Pen, mostly because Geno is too enigmatic and I felt JS never got his due.

Now he's going to get it and, despite playing for a sham of a franchise in Carolina, I wish him all the best.
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