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Default Re: Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse trial

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
That wasn't a dodge Hicks. It was disrespect. 2200+ posts say that I'll cross swords with anybody, on any subject.

Mr Wallace here readily grasps the simple point I was making, and expands on it very nicely. My point is simply that history is repeating itself.

Bulls eye.

Exactly. IMHO, we're about 5-10 years out.

Vincent's initial post was unambiguously "Where is the line between the homosexual rape of a child and them merely being a "couple"?" The responses hovered around consent.

If Jerry's Kids had consented, would there have been the furor?

As this society moves toward acceptance of pedophilia and the Sanduskys of the world are freer to operate, more will be drawn in. It's self-proliferating.

Its interesting that this Sandusky affair was cloistered within academia, isn't it? There are some that fear that this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine the furor if its breadth were known? I can see why academia would want to push that envelop a little.
There is no such thing as consent with children and there shouldn't be. Children are innocent, and we as human beings have evolved enough that we should understand this simple truth. Children should be able to live out their childhood in an appropriate fashion and should be allowed to grow and flourish without disgusting adults trying to have sex with them. I do believe that history repeats itself in some respects but I don't believe that it will be repeating itself in this manner.

Humans will always war, humans will always disagree, everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own ideals, but nobody should be able to enter into a relationship with a child. Jerry Sandusky is a digusting human being, and I hope that he enjoys his prison stay although I feel that the punishment for his lascivious acts doesn't fit the crime.
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