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Default Re: Gas prices plunge: Beware what you wish for

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
I think I heard that demand was down here and in china, partially because manufacturing, importing/exporting is down.
Any how it's not because of anything the government's done.
i'm sure it is... but imports / exports are also based on supply and demand. if americans don't have money to spend at walmart because they just put every penny they had in the gas tank , naturally china's manufacturing and exports take a hit.
so now gas prices and the economy have turned into the chicken / egg controversy.
what i don't get is why the gas / economy connection wasn't a topic of conversation 15 , 20 ,30 years ago when fuel prices were manageable and wasn't a big issue ?
common sense dictates that high fuel prices equals higher prices on EVERYTHING . the more we spend on one thing the less we have to spend on another. how could that not effect the economy ? i'd rather spend $50 a week supporting local single mothers at the strip club but i can't now because 40 of that 50 now goes in the gas tank to get to work.. ...
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