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Default Wow, gonna' be rooting for the Steelers this year.

I just looked at your schedule for the first time. I'm going to be rooting for the Steelers five times this season! That's about five more times than normal.
I might even let my buddy who's a freaking Steelers fan wear his stupid Roethlisberger Jersey in my living room this year without him having to hear all my constant trolling.

Week #1. Denver Broncos.
There fans annoyed me last year prior to their utter humiliation in Gillette. They were saying all sorts of insulting stuff like "We might beat New England" and "I think we have a chance against New England". But now they have the most overrated media darling in all of sports history: Peyton Manning. I think I hate Manning more than any other player in the league (not counting Ravens players, of course, but that's a given).

After all the thrashings Brady, Belichick, and the New England Patriots have handed his whiney, self entitled candy ass you would think he would of went to the NFC (where it's safe from real football teams), but instead he decided to go to Denver. Well, if there's anything i'd love to see thrown at the overrated, media coddled, lucky-to-have-a-single-ring, injury-ridden, rusty, haven't-played-in-forever Peyton his first day back, it would be the steel curtain. Gonna' watch this game with a sadistic glee.

Can't wait to see the Peyton pouty face again. Steel curtain week #1, he'll be lucky to see week #2.

Go Steelers!

Week #2.
The Jets :)

Lovely. A guaranteed early season loss for the biggest freak show circus in the National Football league. Just looked at their schedule. LOLOL The Jets may end up with the worst record in football this season. 0-6 before they even get to New England for another heart breaking lesson in humiliation is a real possibility.

Keep it going!

Week #9: NYG.

Week 11 & 13: Baltimore Ravens.
So few teams in the NFL make it possible to maintain a high level of hatred for like the Ratbirds.Not rivalry hatred, a real hatred. I don't usually like to see injuries on the field but if any of the Rats' dirtiest, cheapest, lowliest, unsportsmanlike, headhunting band of criminals were to get their heads taken off by a defender in the right place at the right time i'd wear a Polamalu jersey for a day. What goes around comes around.

Good luck, guys and gals.
See you in the play offs.
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