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Default Re: Drew Brees bends the Saints over a barrel!

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
the biggest "stat PADDER" of all time. Brees is NOT the best QB in the league. Maybe every team and QB, when they're already up 37-3 in the 4th quarter, should keep on passing, passing, passing, and more passing, just like Brees does.
Then they can end up the season with 5,000+ yards every year (though most teams are smarter than allowing that to happen considering the financial meltdown they'll face when its contract time).

I don't buy into this at all. The Saints should have played hardball here, at least somewhat. This pompous, arrogant, nasty SOB of a QB completely held the franchise up with a gun to their head. Now i hope they don't have the money left (that they'll eventually need) to sign the necessary players around him.
This whole story makes me sick to my stomach.
This^. Doesn't really make me sick to my stomach lol, but it is ridiculous. I do think he's pretty damn good, but his stats are extremely padded, and due to that he is overrated by almost everybody in the media. Again, he is good, but I've seen him passing down field 3 out of 4 downs in the 4th quarter in a blowout. When most QB's are on the sidelines making sure they don't get injured in a game that is over, Brees in there tearing up the 2nd string defense (cause the other team was smart enough not to leave their good players in the 4th quarter of a blow out).

I think the argument thought to be made is more based on his age and the future of the team. I understand the points being made that without him they would be nothing, but they can't pay based completely off of what he's done in the past, they have to look ahead. The odds of the Saints making it to the playoffs, let alone winning a SB in the upcoming year are next to none, and slim for the year after. Now sure you rather be a 9-7 team these next 2 years instead of a 5-11, but being that these next 2 years are not going to be good anyway, I would (and I think the Steelers FO would do the same) let him walk and focus on the future. By the time the team is competitive Brees will be 35. Sure they may have a year or two left after that with Brees where they will be successful but they could have made some great additions next off season with that money. Young additions that would still be there when they draft a QB 3 or 4 years down the line. I suppose it goes both ways, but that's my opinion on it and I think that's what would have happened in Pittsburgh.
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