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Well, the website is now owned by Matthew Marcus. He's a businessman, so he doesn't always have the time to be here and interact, but he was here throughout the entire downtime and doing everything he could to help. The website is free, and as far as I know, it always will be. There was a brief period we're a charge for new members was proposed, but those times are long gone.

As for the community, SteelersFever is still the largest Steelers message board on the internet. Some of the community followed SteelersFever's previous staff to the new board, but most of them stayed put here, and some of those who followed to the new board, came right back. As for an update: Motivation.

A few months back the site was under attack by spammers. Sometimes as many as 10 would sign up every hour, and it was just two mods continuously banning them. We got through to Matthew, and he decided to get some more staff on it. Once we stopped the spammers, we've been improving certain aspects of the board (new forum, higher security) and moving forward.

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