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Default Re: A Texan, An Arab & a Guy From Michigan

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Well Lyn,

Hijacking a thread is the action of taking it off topic - I certainly didnt do that.

When you say something like "excessive number of Arabs" it sounds as if you dont like them very much.

If you say thats not the case...then fine.

How about if you put the word 'black' or 'african-american' in place of the word 'arab' - to me that doesnt sound very good - but like I say, thats just me.

A Texan, an African American, and a guy from Michigan are out riding horses. The
Texan pulls out an expensive bottle of whiskey, takes a swig, then
another and suddenly throws the bottle in the air, pulls out his gun and
shoots the bottle in mid air.
The African American looks at him and says, "What are you doing? That was a
perfectly good bottle of whiskey! "The Texan says, "In Texas, there's
plenty of whiskey and bottles are cheap,"

A while later, not wanting to be outdone, the African American pulls out a bottle of
oil,throws the bottle in the air, pulls out his gun and shoots it. The
guy from Michigan can't believe this and says, "What did you do that
for? That was a perfectly good bottle of Oil" The African American says "In my
country there's plenty of oil and bottles are cheap."

So a while later the guy from Michigan pulls out a bottle of beer. He
opens it, takes a sip, takes another sip, and then chugs the rest. He
then puts the bottle back in his saddlebag, pulls out his gun, turns
around and shoots the African American. The Texan, shocked, says, "Why did you do
that?" The guy from Michigan says,"Well, in Michigan, we have plenty of
African Americans, but bottles are worth a dime."


Yup...still pretty funny.

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

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