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Default Classic Steeler games vids

I've been putting up classic NFL games on video sites like youtube and a few others, and just started with the mid 70s Steelers and will post a few more. As well as some Steeler games from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Sorry if there's already a thread for any of these games. I just now got around the registering and posting them.

1972 regular season game vs Minnesota
This is one of the few early 70s regular season games out there from CBS maybe the only one.

1973 Monday Night Football reg season game against Miami

Next one is a Steeler loss but a really good game against a Dolphins team that would win it all for the 2nd straight season.


1974 AFC Championship
Even though this is pretty much the entire game you can barely see what's going on most of the 2nd quarter. I should have one more game up later today which will be Super Bowl 9.

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