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Default Re: Wallace a no-show; Steelers suspend negotiations

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
Holding out a few days isn't really much of a big deal. We all knew this was a fairly likely possibility. Maybe he just wanted to confirm that the Steelers would cut off negotiations if he didn't show up. Now he knows. I suspect he'll be in camp by next week at some point.
I wish that I shared your optimism, brother.

Did I miss something?  When did the Steelers state that they would cut off negotiations, if Wallace didn't report???  Then...BLAMO!!! they cut off negotiations.  What!?!  

While it is their right (& to a degree, expected), to me, it still seems like a "bully" move (that came out of nowhere).  

Because, now... I expect Wallace to play hardball, and not report until he gets a new contract.  

Why not just continue negotiations???... & have faith that a deal will get done soon.   I know, I know: the flip side is that Wallace could simply report & have faith that a deal will get done soon.  

I just don't like this.  Again, I know that the Steelers hold a few trump cards, and maybe they "had" to play one of them (to make a point)... but, I fear a huge stand-off.   
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