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Default Re: Wallace a no-show; Steelers suspend negotiations

i like how everybody before....said "ah, don't worry, he'll be there the first day when camp comes..".

Now, some are saying "ah, don't worry, he'll be here in a couple days". And i'm seeing "ah, he'll be here soon...". I'm not seeing ANYthing positive so far in this situation whatsoever... And i'm not seeing anything that would change one's mind otherwise.
He should have been here first day. No reason to think "he'll be here in a couple days". I'm glad the Steelers suspended negotiations. Good for the b*st**d. I hope they cut his pay like they are entitled to do (although i don't think they will unless this goes into games...).

The HInes Ward situation quoted in the article was different. Different in that Hines seems like a much more "stand-up" kind of guy and truly liked playing here and wanted to be here. He proved that right through the retirement. Wallace isn't that guy. To me, he could care less if he's here or somewhere else.

Steelers......move the team on.......and just worry about locking down a long-termer on Antonio Brown. Try to do it sooner than later...the more we wait on that one, the higher the price point will get.
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