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Default Re: Shooting at Batman movie

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Who said ban guns? Some types are banned now. Where is that line? That's the discussion. Imagine if he had had a couple of fully automatic uzis. Would you make them legal?
It's what it's going to lead too. It's that slippery slope thing.

In a state where it is legal: $200 for the tax stamp + background check + a whole lot of money for the gun = you owning an automatic weapon.

Class 3 firearms include machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, suppressors, destructive devices and Any Other Weapons (AOWs).
The tax for privately manufacturing any class 3 firearms is $200. Transferring requires a $200 tax for all class 3s except AOW’s, for which the transfer tax is $5.
To legally possess a class 3 weapon you must complete a transfer of registration within the NFA registry.
There are two ways for you to legally buy a class 3 gun. The first is by transfer after approval by ATF of a registered weapon from its lawful owner residing in the same State as the transferee. The second is by obtaining prior approval from ATF to make NFA firearms.

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