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Default Re: Shooting at Batman movie

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
If those citizens are muslim, no. As long as we are at war with islam, its foolish to allow your enemy to bear arms. We're not without precedent.

Fort Hood wouldn't have happened if we had the clarity and leadership to remove muslims from the armed forces and disarm muslim citizens. They are our enemies by their own declarations and actions.
Wow. A new low has been reached. And of course we're not without precedent, Vinny. We've got some real beauts to resurrect, if precedent is all it takes.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Mom, we've been round and round on the muzzie thing and this could go another 1,000 posts like the last time.
OK, so now a new low has been reached. The dear lord knows I don't mind lively debate, but we're going to keep it civil. Have whatever misguided notions you want about other people, but you will not be calling then by derogatory terms on this website. Thank you.
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