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Default SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

I was thinking about the following:  

If the Steelers re-sign Wallace, they'd have a top three offense in the league (if not the best)... for the next FIVE years.  I know Steelers fans are accustomed to low-scoring, defensive battles, but maybe the Steelers will OUTSCORE opponents.  [NOTE: I have a plan for the defense; hear me out.]  

Re-signing BOTH Wallace & Brown eats up a lot of cap space.  BUT, the Steelers would not have to draft a WR for the next five years; they'd be set.  

Also, with the WR duo locked up, along with BB, Heath, and a very young (The Colon is the "oldest" at 27) & talented O-line, they'd have NINE of their ten offensive starters locked up for the next five years.  [The eleventh "starter" switches, depending on packages: TE, FB, or third WR.]  The RB situation is currently the only "question mark"... although, with this O-line, ANY back should prosper.  

Wallace, Brown, Heath.  
Adams, The Colon, Pouncey, DD, Gilbert.  

There would be NO need to draft a WR, QB, TE, or O-lineman for the next five years (or, at least, not before R5).  

At DE, the Steelers have two young studs (Hood & Heyward).  At LB, they have Timmons & Woodley.  At CB, they have Allen, Lewis, & Brown (two of whom will start).  

That is six, young starters.  

I don't know yet about Ta'amu, but I have high hopes.  The same goes for Spence & Sly (one of whom I think will play ILB).  And, I think Mundy will develop into a Darren Perry type of player.  

That leaves only two positions to "fill": SS & OLB.  

But, let's assume that the aforementioned "unprovens" at NT, ILB, & FS need to be addressed through the draft.  That means that the Steelers can focus solely on these positions for the next five years:  
SS, OLB...  maybe NT, ILB, FS... &  possibly RB.  

They could draft one of each of those six positions, every single year (for the next five years) until they "hit" on one at each position.  Let's assume that "only" the first two round picks become starters... even then, in three years, EVERY position on the team "should" have a young, talented starter.  For example...

R1:  OLB ...  R2:  SS  

R1:  RB ...  R2:  FS  

R1:  ILB ...  R2:  NT  

And, like I stated, I am high on Ta'amu and Spence/Sly (and think that Mundy is serviceable).  So, really, after the 2013 draft, the Steelers "should" have a young, talented player at every position.  The subsequent years' drafts would focus on defense, defense, defense.  


Well, the offense is locked up for five years.  

On defense, the Steelers would stockpile players (from years & years of focusing on defense).  That way, when a defensive player becomes a FA, the Steelers could simply replace him with a "starter in waiting."  And, if they somehow didn't hit on a starter, well, the Steelers could use their R1 pick (that year) on that defensive position.  

In other words, with 70% of the cap being taken up by offensive players, the defense would consist largely of a rotation of young & inexpensive, early round talent (with a few All-Pros signed to long-term deals).  

So... sign Wallace!!!  
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