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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
I heard you out.

how do we afford Pouncey when he's due? None of the starters on the OL are locked up for 5 years.

Also, there's a reason rookies never start on defense. It takes a while to learn. Rotating in inexperienced guys will keep us middle of the pack.
Good points.  

The 70% of the cap used on the offense includes money set aside for Pouncey.  [I should have been more clear: most of the cap money is to be used on offense: current & future contracts.]  

Likewise, technically, DD, Adams, and Gilbert are signed for "only" four years...  close enough (for my point).  

The only instance where a rookie would start on defense, would be in the event that the Steelers didn't have a "starter in waiting."  But, I aver that after focusing on defense in the draft (for many years), the Steelers "should" have starters & back-ups (players waiting to start) to avoid that dilemma.  
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