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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

very well thought out post teegre,

Lots of youth ready to emerge on both sides of the ball. Lots of already-established-guys on both sides of the ball. Hell, many of them are young too!!

But I gotta go w/ Vis on this one...

Ziggy, Heyward, Lewis, Allen, Sanders, Pouncey, and Redman. All come due at some point in a year or two. All have established themselves in this league.

I think Colbert, Khan & Co already have dollars earmarked for Pouncey. You gotta figure they have dollars earmarked for either Ziggy or Heyward's 2nd contract. But if they both pan out, who knows we could resign em both! Steelers like to keep their own as we all know.

Then you look at guys like Lewis or Redman. Both guys are getting their first opportunity to enter camp as favorite to finish atop the depth chart. One or both of them could have big seasons. Now, Im not predicting this will happen, but its not a struggle for me to imagine Redman playing well enough this season that he could establish himself as the primary ball carrier and worthy of a contract extension.

As a result of all the young talent you mentioned in your post, we need to maintain as much financial stability as we can.

So I would not support as massive extension for Wallace...and Im guessing that is exactly what he is seeking.
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