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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by TheDude View Post
But overspending for Wallace would handcuff us financially...Wallace is not the kinda player you take that risk with IMO
I understand your point: $17 million per season locked into two WRs seems like a lot... except, these two are like the early days of Boldin & Fitzgerald: the BEST, young receiving duo in the NFL.  Pittsburgh wouldn't need another "starting" WR for the next five years.  

And, that fiscal handcuffs is actually the crux of my point: focus most of the money on offense; use the draft picks on defense.  

And... abide, dude... abide.  

[EDIT:  I hope that everyone gets this reference...  and doesn't think that I am actually "telling" him to abide...]

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