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Default Re: PLAXICO is the WAY TO GO!

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
It's a great idea but will never happen, the FO has signed some new players with previous off the field issues which is something they never do, but they aren't going to take in a convicted felon.
Then why did they show interest in him before he signed with NYJ? He was even scheduled to visit with the Steelers about possibly returning here before NY swooped in and signed before it could happen.

I, for one, am NOT on the re-sign Plaxico bandwagon. He has too much baggage, not enough production at this point in his career, and he dissed us by not even meeting with the Steelers before signing with the Jets.

Plaxico Burress=

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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