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Default Re: PLAXICO is the WAY TO GO!

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
For the record, Plaxico spent the whole day visiting with the team at training camp last year and had lunch with Tomlin, Colbert, and Rooney. They wined and dined him and made him a contract offer. They wanted him, and they will want him again if it looks like Wallace will sit until week 11.
Good. People act like they think Plexiglass would be bad for a Steelers offense that was horrendously poor in the red zone the past two years.

He almost caught 50 passes as the #2 receiver on a BAD passing team. He's a bigger red zone threat than Mike Wallace because he...

1) has better hands than Wallace
2) draws a double coverage in short yardage because of his size. Wallace, on the other hand, does not draw double coverage in short yardage because he's and average route runner. Means Antonio will get doubled. Or Cotchery. Or Miller.

I'm sure people will have facts to argue those two points.

Plexico might not be an upgrade to Wallace, but I'd sign him in a second if he wanted to be here for less than what Mike Wallace is asking. He brings VALUE.
Rebuilding the defense. It's going to be a long process.
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