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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
teegre - Interesting post. Here's one counter-observation - we're still far from solid at O-line.

Yes, we've done a fine job with revamping and setting up our starters, although left tackle is still a possible weakness if Adams doesn't come through. But our depth still consists of journeymen/castoff level players, mostly NFL periphery type of guys. We need to continue beefing up in that area; a few injuries could easily expose the weaknesses that we've been dealing with for the past five years.

However, let me say that it's encouraging that some of these veteran guys are beginning to get serious about getting into shape. That's a new wrinkle, but the writing is on the wall, and our O-line is starting to become competitive, and NFL-caliber. But we need depth.
Legitimate counter-point...
...and now, a counter-counter-point.  

ADAMS:  The only weakness is consistency; skill-wise, the kid is a "top 15 draft" player.  Not a Clady or Ogden, but a Marvel Smith.  [But, your point is taken... although, I am very hopeful.  Kugler WILL keep him consistent: in Kugler I trust.]  

Worst-case: Gilbert & Adams switch sides... because, Gilbert has shown enough skill (when he filled in last season) to be a John Jackson level OT.  

Any team would be in trouble if their starting O-line went down.  There just isn't enough money to keep ten "starters."  

Speaking of starters, the OTs are good; I feel that The Colon will flourish at his new position; and Pouncey & DD are insane!!!  I haven't been this excited in years.  

Back to the back-ups.  

Legursky is the epitome of a back-up: not quite good enough to start a full season, but not much drop off for a game or two.  And, he can play all three interior positions.  

Foster was the most consistent O-lineman last season.  He could start on at least ten other teams.  

Essex can play any OT or OG spot; Starks is a former starter; and, Beachum is an unknown, as of yet (although, he was a Kugler pick... who is supposed to be smart, and can play all five positions).  

I admit that I'd like to draft a back-up OT... because neither Essex nor Starks are spring chickens.  BUT, not before R5.  [I'd prefer to use the higher picks on S, OLB, ILB.]  
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