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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
teegre -

My concern about left tackle would be if Adams doesn't win a starting role. That would be really disappointing; Adams and Gilbert switching sides might not be the "worst case," if you get my meaning. We'd still be better than last year with Colon and DD, and our other starters are strong enough that we can accommodate a single weakness. But beyond our projected five, I'm not really comfortable relying on anyone else for more than an occasional emergency spot start.
Let me see if I follow.  Your concern is "what if" Adams never starts at LT.  (Yes?)  Here is a tiered hierarchy of "bust to starter."  Please, tell me your level of concern.  

1.  Adams never pans out.  

2.  Adams can't play LT.  After a year behind Starks, he switches to RT.  

3.  Max Starks starts in front of Adams for a year.  Then, when ready, Adams starts at LT.  

4.  Max Starks starts in front of Adams for a month.  Then, Adams takes over.  

5.  Adams starts at LT in September.  

My level is around 4... and hoping for 5.  My worst-case is 3, but could see 2.  [Again, what is your predicted level?  And, how can I assuage your concerns?]  

Lastly, while it messes up my gameplan, in the event that it is indeed level 1, let's hope that the Steelers realize before the next draft, and select Barrett Jones at 32.  [Note: I like Jones, but would prefer to "not" have to draft him.]  
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