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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

teegre - I'm completely jazzed by this year's draft, especially the ramp-up on the O-line. I've got super-high hopes for the OL based on DD, Adams, getting Colon back and utilized properly, and all of this bounty flowing after Pouncey and Gilbert. A huge weakness suddenly becomes a strength in terms of the starting 5 - it almost seems too good to be true.

I'm assuming that DD will be a starter with no question, based on the draft information. And Adams should be as well, based on the same rationale as Bayz pointed out. That is my hope and my expectation.

But let me just say it flat out - if Adams can't straight out win a starting position at one of the two tackle positions, I'll be disappointed, because I don't think that's really much of a challenge if he's worth the pick - even if Starks were fully healthy at the beginning of the season.
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