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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
That's fine, but I'm still interested in what other people think.

How does everybody feel about the Steelers' offensive line depth this year (presumably Max Starks, Ramon Foster, Doug Legursky, and Trai Essex, with Kelvin Beachum possibly being in play)? Compared to the rest of the league? I by no means am an expert on league-wide offensive line depth, but I get the impression that the Steelers' could be better than average. Other opinions?
3 weeks ago, pat kirwan was beating the drum for 5 teams that NEEDED to sign max starks immediately, before the steelers snagged him up again (for next to nothing). he even advocated them giving him sligtly more $$$ than the steelers would offer.

him and tim ryan also applauded the quick signing of jon scott by detroit.

look at our starting line-ups in our past 2 superbowls vs our current 2nd string- is just as good (if not better or the same).

i loosely follow other teams starting 5 and i feel we can easilly be top 10. our back ups should easilly be the most experienced in the league.

i say 1-9or10 in depth there are atleast 25 teams very envious of what we got to work with. shhhhhh.... dont tell nobody though. everyone still thinks its one of our main weakness just like they think our defense is old, slow, and tired.
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